What we do

Strategic planning

Would social interventions be more effective if they were better conceptualised, built on social strategies, and all program planners know exactly why, and how, their plans were likely to improve the lives of vulnerable people? We believe ‘yes’!

Therefore, we support organisations:

  • Develop needs assessments, stakeholder and power analyses and performance baselines that can inform planning and decision making

  • Develop theories of change as a foundation for planning and resource allocation.

  • Formulate results framework and identify ‘what it matters to measure’ to support effectiveness and impact.

Learning – through Monitoring and Evaluation

For us, monitoring and evaluation is about learning and improving for social betterment. Working in Africa, Asia, Europe and the MENA region, we offer evidence-based expertise in monitoring, evaluation and learning and support donors and implementers to ‘measure what matters’, trace progress and understand where, when and for whom their support makes a positive difference.


  • Elaborate results frameworks and formulate performance indicators.

  • Design MEL systems to guide what is measured by who when and where

  • Train and support field staff and MEAL officers in data collection and analysis

  • Offer 3rd party monitoring in hard to access contexts – or in situations where the investment requires us to be a ‘critical friend’ in rigorous monitoring.
    – Assist organisations learn from their findings
    and help in reporting

  • Conduct impact evaluations using a mix of counterfactual and theory-based approaches, qualitative and quantitative data collection methods.

Capacity building and training

StrategyHouse.dk designs and delivers training in project planning, data collection, monitoring and evaluation for national organisations, governments and donors. We assist organisations conceptualise their work, measure what matters and develop hands-on practical tools for data collection and assessment.

The aim is always to promote accountability and learning about what works for whom when and where, ultimately so we can achieve more with less effort.

Organisational Development and Fundraising for NGOs

No project or programme can be effectively delivered if the organisational capacity is not up to speed. Consultants from StrategyHouse.dk have more than 20 years of experience working with NGOs from management level to the field officer.

We can support organisations use fundraising as a strategic tool to programme design and evaluations as useful tool for fundraising.

Some of our former clients include: