• Global perspective, international experts
    and local partnerships

    – we combine a global outlook with local knowledge to bring sustainable solutions to social and economic development problems


We encourage social change and economic reform in projects around the world, through building capacity and enabling communication between governments, business and civil societies.

We bring the right combination of technical skills, local insights and programme management experience so that your projects deliver results in even the most challenging situations.

We work in partnerships with governments, business and civil society organisations to strengthen society by creating sustainable livelihoods, stronger organisations, employment and  self-coping communities.

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  What is the value and impact of thousands of boreholes and pumps 10.000? And how can we measure the ‘unmeasurable’ such as quality of life and hope? Purpose DACAAR – Danish Committee for Aid to Afghan Refugees is a pioneer in Water Hygiene and Sanitation in Afghanistan. And DACAAR is an expert in counting […]