Theory of Change for Strategic Planning and Evaluation is specialised in applying a Theory of Change  (ToC) approach to strategic planning and evaluations. For ten years, we haved trained NGOs, ministries, and institutions in participatory strategic planning processes and evaluations. We have experienced how the approach:

  • Strengthens clients’ understanding not just of what they want to do by how and why their interventions are likely to lead to desired changes
  • Improves the ability of clients to detect flawed strategies and to revise them well in advance so they do not miss their desired goals
  • Strengthens team building and motivation among multiple stakeholders as they come to understand how and why their own interventions and the interventions of others contribute towards shared objectives
  • Improves the opportunities for joint learning

When applied systematically throughout the programme cycle, the theory of change approach is a strong tool for programme management, monitoring, learning and collaboration.