Morten Ronnenberg , Founding Partner and Managing Director

Mr. Morten Ronnenberg Møller, co-founder and Managing Director, is an experienced and certified management consultant (CMC) whose career has seen him working with public sector institutions, organisations and private charities, worldwide. Morten specialises in the fields of human rights, community development, and livelihoods as well as gender and business development programmes. In particular, he focusses on supporting capacity building, advocacy and communications, process facilitation and fundraising. Typical assignments where Morten’s expertise is called for include strategic reviews, theory based evaluations, workshop facilitation and training in theory of change and programme design.

Morten’s key strengths are: To make complex processes work and to facilitate progress by linking people, from executives to ‘ordinary’ people, in a way that is sustainable and that generates work satisfaction.

Tel. +45 315 22 999