Mr. Sten Toft Pedersen, Labour Rights Expert, Associate Partner

Sten Toft Petersen is a Labour Market and Labour Rights Expert and associated partner at Sten has more than 25 years of experience in the field of workers’ rights, employment and TVET development and capacity building in Asia and other parts of the world. He has a unique hands-on trade union experience from factory level through national and global unions to the ILO.  Sten has deep insight in the challenges of workers’ rights within a variety of industrial sectors and supply chains – from garment to construction sector. He has good and trustful working relations with a number of international fashion brands and a strong and solid experience in project and programme evaluation worldwide.

Sten is based in Denmark and covers Asia and East and Central Europe for

Tel. +7 905 776 2396 or +7 905 776 2396