Capacity Building and Training

Would you like to design more interactive and engaging workshops and presentations? Do you have a major conference that needs strong support to prepare, design and implement? has attended far too many conferences where there was no focus on audience interaction or participants’ learning.

We specialise in the facilitation of workshops and conferences which:

  • set an agenda that is ambitious and comprehensive, and is based on a thorough dialogue with you about the expected outcome
  • actively facilitate all attendees who participate, taking into account respect for protocol, sensitive topics and local power structures, but still making a successful event
  • help organisations and institutions to understand their objectives and assist them to build sustainable strategies of how to accomplish their objectives
  • make a more effective use of the wealth of existing knowledge and experience available in your organisation, institution or company provides professional facilitators for international conferences, workshops and internal cross-functional meetings. will also provide summary actions and follow-ups to ensure the listed actions are completed.