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Measuring the impact and value of our work

  What is the value and impact of thousands of boreholes and pumps 10.000? And how can we measure the ‘unmeasurable’ such as quality of life and hope? Purpose DACAAR – Danish Committee for Aid to Afghan Refugees is a pioneer in Water Hygiene and Sanitation in Afghanistan. And DACAAR is an expert in counting […]

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Occupancy Free of Charge

Nexus – between relief and development Will Occupancy Free of Charge for 12 months strengthen Syrian refugees’ resilience and ability to develop positive coping mechanisms in Lebanon? And what is the impact on the housing market in Lebanon per se? Norwegian Refugee Council has supported medium scale rehabilitation of water and sanitation infrastructure, such as […]


Promoting Workers’ Rights through mobile internet

Can mobile phones and social media promote respect for workers’ rights in the garment industry? Purpose Since 2017, WageIndicator together with C&A foundation support a project which aims at strengthening transparency of working conditions and stimulating dialogue between employers and employees to improve and align working conditions with legal provisions. Interestingly, the tools to do […]


Strategic Planning with Theory of Change

How do you improve your ability to help cities collaborate effectively, share knowledge and drive meaningful, measurable and sustainable actions on climate change? C40 Cities is a network of the world’s megacities that is committed to addressing the issues arising from climate change. They work in cities as varied as Lagos and Copenhagen or Shanghai […]


It’s All About Change

More and more organizations turn to Outcome Harvesting to assess and document the results they make. But is Outcome Harvesting that different from previous attempts to understand how and why we contribute to change? And what happens if one combine Theory of Change for planning with Outcome Harvesting for monitoring and evaluation? This article provides […]

How to measure progress in social change?

How ‘good’ is good when we strive to promote women’s empowerment, to strengthen resilience to natural or man-made disasters, or to promote food security? When is ‘good’ good enough? This document introduces scales to measure the qualitative results of your work. Read more here: Measuring qualitative changes – an introduction

Theory of Change for Programs Planning

A stronger focus on changes (results) rather than activities. More clarity about the internal and external factors that may affect your program implementation. Stronger learning. These are some of the benefits of applying a Theory of Change approach to planning, monitoring and evaluation. This mini-guide outlines how. Read more: TOCs for program planning

Baselines for Performance Measurements – a miniguide

Many organisations confuse the use and content of a context baseline with the use and content of a performance baseline.  As a consequence, they spend too much time collecting too much data, which is of toolittle value to their goals: tracing and assessing work performance. This mini-guide is meant as an aid to organisations who […]