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Theory of Change for Strategic Planning and Evaluation

StrategyHouse.dk is specialised in applying a Theory of Change  (ToC) approach to strategic planning and evaluations. For ten years, we haved trained NGOs, ministries, and institutions in participatory strategic planning processes and evaluations. We have experienced how the approach: Strengthens clients’ understanding not just of what they want to do by how and why their […]

Programme Management Support

Strategy House.dk places great importance on maintaining close partnerships with our clients, consultancy partners and staff. We help programme and project management by: Investigation – we question established concepts and address them through constructive dialogue, to further develop practices in order to achieve optimal results. Our expertise covers the whole programme/project cycle, including: Identification and […]

Participatory Budgeting

StrategyHouse.dk works with public sector institutions and CSOs to design and implement participatory budgeting processes. We support you throughout the entire process; from design through mobilisation to implementation and evaluation. Our consultants: help you introduce the concept(s) to your constituency, board or management provide documentation and reasoning which shows how a process/concept works, why it […]

Fundraising Strategy and Support

The future of your organisation depends on your having a sustainable strategy for raising the necessary human and financial resources. StrategyHouse.dk cannot do magic and create funds out of the blue, but we can help you reach a situation where your chances of successful fundraising have improved (a lot). We can help you: put together […]

Participatory Planning

Participatory planning, management and decision making are key elements of local-level governance, when local government, communities, and decentralised sector agencies actively engage in the process of local planning and development. StrategyHouse.dk helps you design participatory planning services and processes. We ensure that your strategies and plans can be correctly and effectively implemented, by providing critical […]

Conference and Workshop Design and Facilitation

Would you like to design more interactive and engaging workshops and presentations? Do you have a major conference that needs strong support to prepare, design and implement? StrategyHouse.dk has attended far too many conferences where there was no focus on audience interaction or participants’ learning. We specialise in the facilitation of workshops and conferences which: […]

Process Facilitation

Any project, however good, can fail if the process management is handled badly. The consultants from StrategyHouse.dk have extensive experience in facilitating complex processes to help ensure your project succeeds. We partner with you, so that you can focus on your participation, while we make sure that your process is running smoothly towards the desired […]

Monitoring Support

Have you ever collected large amounts of data that you never needed? Or have you some times realised your monitoring has missed key intermediate outcomes for several years? StrategyHouse.dk help our clients become more efficient in their project and programme monitoring. We support in reviewing and monitoring the programme/project’s progress for project management and accountability […]

Financial Management Support

StrategyHouse.dk provides strategic financial support to civil society organisations and gives them advice on how to optimise their financial efficiency and funding portfolios. We can help your organisation’s financial unit or department achieve a high standard of financial accounting management; ensuring your compliance to local statutory law and donors’ regulations as well as consistency with […]

Management Support

Managers and management culture have a crucial impact on the way organisations and programs’ perform. Yet many managers remain unaware of how their daily practices and communication affect organisational effectiveness, motivation and performance. StrategyHouse provides coaching and one-to-one advice and help organisations revise their procedures and daily practices to improve performance and optimise the use […]