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Organisational Capacity Assessment

Have you ever wondered if your projects and programmes could link better to your organisation’s mission and vision? Have you discussed with your team, whether the infrastructure and the organisational structure is set-up to deliver in the most efficient way? StrategyHouse.dk works with civil society organisations to help improve the performance of your organisation – […]

Capacity Building and Training

Would you like to design more interactive and engaging workshops and presentations? Do you have a major conference that needs strong support to prepare, design and implement? StrategyHouse.dk has attended far too many conferences where there was no focus on audience interaction or participants’ learning. We specialise in the facilitation of workshops and conferences which: […]


StrategyHouse.dk helps our clients with appraisals. We assess your programme, project or process to judge its quality, success or needs. For example this could include: an appraisal of the preparation process prior to project start-up an appraisal of the programme’s compliance with mission, vision, values, policies and strategies an appraisal of a project to compare […]

Policy Formulations

StrategyHouse.dk is dedicated to helping our clients with developing policy formulations. Amongst other things, we help you: build partnerships and alliances, and support work across the relevant sectors in a comprehensive manner raise awareness – awareness raising efforts for policy formulations are often important to putting a strong focus on the community level. It is also […]

Strategic Planning and Design

Strategic planning is an organisational management activity and an organisation’s process of defining its strategy or direction. It is used to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations and in particular to ensure that board, management, employees and other stakeholders are working toward common goals. StrategyHouse.dk assist partners in establishing agreement around intended outcomes/results, and assesses and adjust your organisation’s direction in […]

Reviews and Evaluations

Most projects include an evaluation component and strive to learn from the past experiences. StrategyHouse.dk works with partners to ensure a participatory and joint learning process, be it in the form of reviews, evaluations or end line studies. We facilitate evaluations with clients who are willing to engage  in evaluation and reflection processes that can truly […]