Financial Management Support provides strategic financial support to civil society organisations and gives them advice on how to optimise their financial efficiency and funding portfolios. We can help your organisation’s financial unit or department achieve a high standard of financial accounting management; ensuring your compliance to local statutory law and donors’ regulations as well as consistency with the relevant policies, procedures and tools in your sector and network.

We can help you, as an organisation, to:

  • prepare your donor financial reports and proposal budgets
  • ensure you achieve full cost recovery (through strategic financial management and proposal budget development)
  • meet all your donor’s financial compliance requirements and ensure your reports are prepared on time and with a complete audit trail
  • identify, assess and recommend which reporting mechanisms to implement, in order to ensure accountable reporting between Finance, Procurement, Logistics, Distribution and Monitoring and Evaluation (and input to them if required)
  • assess your new partners’ financial capacities and provide financial capacity building where relevant
  • recruit, train and manage your finance staff and/or work closely with your existing finance staff

Management Support

Management support

Managers and management culture have a crucial impact on the way organisations and programs’ perform. Yet many managers remain unaware of how their daily practices and communication affect organisational effectiveness, motivation and performance.

StrategyHouse provides coaching and one-to-one advice and help organisations revise their procedures and daily practices to improve performance and optimise the use of human resources.

With you will find consultants specialised in management consulting. We are Certified Management Consultants by CMC Denmark  – a network which strives to achieve the highest standards in consulting.


Organisational Capacity Assessment

Have you ever wondered if your projects and programmes could link better to your organisation’s mission and vision? Have you discussed with your team, whether the infrastructure and the organisational structure is set-up to deliver in the most efficient way? works with civil society organisations to help improve the performance of your organisation – be it the strategy, the leadership, the funding, the advocacy, or the programmes and how they are linked.

We help you:
– define the capacity areas of your organisation and their indicators
– measure the capacity of the different parts of your organisation
– identify the tools and processes you need to implement change
– prepare the strategy which will help you develop and possibly grow.

Capacity Building and Training

Would you like to design more interactive and engaging workshops and presentations? Do you have a major conference that needs strong support to prepare, design and implement? has attended far too many conferences where there was no focus on audience interaction or participants’ learning.

We specialise in the facilitation of workshops and conferences which:

  • set an agenda that is ambitious and comprehensive, and is based on a thorough dialogue with you about the expected outcome
  • actively facilitate all attendees who participate, taking into account respect for protocol, sensitive topics and local power structures, but still making a successful event
  • help organisations and institutions to understand their objectives and assist them to build sustainable strategies of how to accomplish their objectives
  • make a more effective use of the wealth of existing knowledge and experience available in your organisation, institution or company provides professional facilitators for international conferences, workshops and internal cross-functional meetings. will also provide summary actions and follow-ups to ensure the listed actions are completed.

Appraisals helps our clients with appraisals. We assess your programme, project or process to judge its quality, success or needs.

For example this could include:

  • an appraisal of the preparation process prior to project start-up
  • an appraisal of the programme’s compliance with mission, vision, values, policies and strategies
  • an appraisal of a project to compare its ability and options to deliver an objective
  • an appraisal of programme design, programme modality and management, as well as partner framework and the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, risk assessment, sustainability, budget, and recommendations.


Policy Formulations is dedicated to helping our clients with developing policy formulations. Amongst other things, we help you:

  • build partnerships and alliances, and support work across the relevant sectors in a comprehensive manner
  • raise awareness – awareness raising efforts for policy formulations are often important to putting a strong focus on the community level. It is also important that governments and institutions support grassroots’ leaderships.
  • organise preparatory stakeholder forums and draft clear, comprehensive and authoritative reports, with recommendations that form a solid basis for a productive and formal draft of the agreed conclusions.

Strategic Planning and Design

Strategic planning is an organisational management activity and an organisation’s process of defining its strategy or direction. It is used to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations and in particular to ensure that board, management, employees and other stakeholders are working toward common goals. assist partners in establishing agreement around intended outcomes/results, and assesses and adjust your organisation’s direction in response to a changing environment.

Strategic planning activities may include:

  • meetings and other communication among the organisation’s leaders to identify and create a shared understanding of the desired direction
  • workshops with staff to develop a rich context analysis of the competitive environment and what the organisation’s response to that environment (its strategy) should be.
  • a variety of strategic planning tools may be developed and used as part of strategic planning activities, e.g. PEST and SWOT analyses, scenario planning, visioning exercises, etc. is a member of CMC Denmark – an international professional certification for management consulting professionals, awarded by institutes in 50 countries. See ICMCI

Reviews and Evaluations

Most projects include an evaluation component and strive to learn from the past experiences. works with partners to ensure a participatory and joint learning process, be it in the form of reviews, evaluations or end line studies. We facilitate evaluations with clients who are willing to engage  in evaluation and reflection processes that can truly inform their next actions. has carried evaluations for NGOs, insitutions and bilateral donors in Central Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, and Asia.