Amal Khlif, Regional Representative

Amal holds a bachelor’s degree from the Institute of Advanced Business Studies of Carthage and is currently completing a research master’s degree in Social Change at the Faculty of Humanities of Tunis. Amal has a solid experience in the development and implementation of MEAL frameworks and processes, in addition to specific expertise in evaluation and research methodologies, project design tools, local partner training, knowledge management, and collaborative learning adaptation.

From 2016 – 2019 Amal worked on the USAID-funded program (Ma3an) where she managed a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation framework for 40 team members and 12 CSOs across 24 different communities in Tunesia.

Outside her work, Amal is an outspoken women’s activist and writer on women’s lives and struggles in an urban, Middle East context. Inspired by her own life and that of her friends and colleagues Amal has so far published 3 books with feminist poems.

Tel. +216 5327 0687