Why do organisations, governments and companies decide to hire consultants?

And why should you choose StrategyHouse.dk?

There could be many reasons, but here are a few that we hear often:
  • You want an outside eye – maybe your idea is right, but you are only doing this once, whereas we work with many organisations and come across similar challenges over and over again. This means we can feed this experience into your project.
  • You need extra horse-power – Sometimes you just don’t have the resources in house, and the timeframe and the tasks are too short to justify recruiting a permanent staff member. Strategyhouse.dk takes on contracts from one hour to several years, all with the aim of helping you get the highly skilled person you need.
  • You want/need specialised skills – Perhaps the most common shortage we see. You need experts that you do simple don’t have in house. When you engage StraetgyHouse.dk you get access to a wide group of experienced professionals.
  • You want a safe zone – i.e. someone neutral to act in your place. When you are working with tricky processes, it can be useful to have a neutral go-between. Sometimes an external and unbiased consultant can say and do things that would not have been hard to accept, coming from an insider.

And finally,

  • You want a consultancy company that knows the local scene very well. Strategyhouse.dk applies a grassroots-based approach. We work through our local experts and area representatives to ensure the most relevant knowledge and expertise is available to you.

Our network of local experts is made up of our key colleagues. They know the sector in the country; they know the organisations, the people and the language. They have the relationships, and it matters.