Humanitarian Aid is dedicated to helping our clients in their work on the increased need for humanitarian aid/emergency services. This assistance re-establishes the dignity of people affected by disasters, armed conflicts, epidemics, or natural disasters, using a holistic approach to developmental aid, where possible.

This help can take the form of:

  • assistance in planning the monitoring and implementation of programming and the introduction of corrective measures where needed
  • provisioning of inputs for country operational plans, and for funding submissions, appeals and reports
    assessments of the needs of persons of concern, in affected countries, in a participatory manner, and the design of programming that responds to the identified gaps
  • assistance in developing Project Partnerships Agreements in a timely manner; regularly monitoring and reporting in line with overall programming policies and guidelines
  • assistance in developing contingency plans and in adjusting programming to respond to new and emerging operational challenges
  • field visits to evaluate and improve the planning, programming, implementation and monitoring of present programming
  • assessment of operational soundness and generation of data for evidence-based decisions


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Organisational Development