Communications and Campaigning

Social, economic and political change is closely linked to change in the policies and practices of institutions and organizations, and to changes in the perceptions, attitudes and behaviors of individuals. Effective communication and campaigning is key to this. supports governments, alliances and civil society organisations to develop effective strategies for campaigning and communication. We also help them shape communication efforts that are culturally sensitive and that match the communication preferences of its targets. We facilitate evaluations of efforts, so our clients can learn from their experiences.

We help you with the entire communications and advocacy cycle, including for example:

  • Making campaign plans effective using a theory of change based approach
  • Training in core advocacy skills from basic to advanced levels
  • Designing advocacy programme indicators and monitoring frameworks
  • Producing outreach tools, guides and manuals
  • Evaluating your campaigning efforts and advocacy projects.


Theory of Change for Strategic Planning & Evaluation
Governance & Civil Society
Organisational Development