Fundraising Strategy and Support

The future of your organisation depends on your having a sustainable strategy for raising the necessary human and financial resources. cannot do magic and create funds out of the blue, but we can help you reach a situation where your chances of successful fundraising have improved (a lot).

We can help you:

  • put together a sustainable fundraising strategy, based on your programme’s added value, and a strong diversification of incomes, all of which must be tailored to your needs and context
  • design campaigns that attract donors and plan your efforts to increase donor retention
  • plan, implement and manage fundraising initiatives, which raise funds and strengthen your
    organisation for the future
  • provide peer-to-peer training in fundraising techniques and help you write and finalise your next project proposal

If you are a small or medium-sized NGO, in a challenging environment, you may find that many fundraising books, tools and tips are unsuitable to your organisation. We are specialised in working with CSOs in a developmental context and know how to offer suggestions that are realistic and do-able, as well as being adapted to the circumstances and funding conditions within a developmental context.


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